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Who We Are

We are change agent so they can become change agent in the world, we are dreamer for children so that they can make their dream come true.

Yeshua Ethnos Ministries strives to provide exceptional enrichment and life changing opportunities to children and youth in Asia, South Asia,  America and Latin America. We offer holistic child development opportunity to create and mold their own unique experiences through our educational, emotional, health, skills development and spiritual activities. We see the true power that our children hold, the way God has created them, and we have made it our mission to transform them into strong, established, educated, self sufficient faithful leaders, ready to take on the world.


Our Vision


Our Mission

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What We Do

Yeshua Ethnos Ministries is inspired by a 4 years old cancer survivor. The vision of this ministry is to give hope to the child in need, being in hopelessness, struggling in their health. We dream with them for their better future.

Striving to end poverty by creating avenues of lasting change in communities to impact the world.

Children are tomorrow's future, upholding this in our hearts our three fold program serves children to educate, equip, care and encourage them to become a self sufficient, responsible human being so that they become the catalist of change by transforming themselves.

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